Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rocking Horse Girl

As a younger man, I was fascinated by the idea that aliens may have visited Earth from time-to-time. I still think that the likelihood of alien life in the Universe is 'a given' and I also think there is pretty good evidence that some UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature and driven by some intelligent life. However, that is not the point of this post.

The following is an intellectual exercise - an assessment of what aliens would think of us if they landed on Earth and saw how poorly we treat this place we call 'home', and how despicably we treat one another. After all, most of us as individuals know the old adage "don't shit on your own doorstep", but on a societal level we seem less inclined to adhere to such simplistic concepts.

Although I wrote this song several years ago, recent political events in certain states of the USA such as Wisconsin have brought home how little we have learned as a society. The central message of the song is still apropos. However, I am also quite optimistic that, as stated in the last verse of the song, the power of the people "has never been so strong."

So, I give you the song "Rocking Horse Girl". Lyrics first and full-performance video following:


Voice of young 'abductee' in interview: "They think we’re silly."
Man’s voice: "Why do they think we’re silly?"
Abductee: "Because all atoms have electrons, so existence is electricity; but we pay people lots of money to give us electricity wrapped up in big words like generator."

She’s been picking up signals from Venus and Mars, “'Cause there’s somebody out
there,” she said.
“But there’s no need to worry, they’re quite ordinary, just inquisitive and timid,”
she said.
And I have no reason to doubt her. She’s too innocent for malicious intent.
And, bright as she may be, these are not the stories a Rocking Horse Girl would

They’d like to approach us for a beer and a chat, but they’re not quite sure what to
Cause they’ve seen us react to what we don’t understand; they don’t think that
we’d show them respect.
But they’re worried about our politicians who sing for their supper with lies,
And care for nothing except their positions, while around them the community

That’s what she said!
That’s what she said!
That’s what she said!
Should we make some commitment to change or commit her instead?

They’re concerned by the way that we treat one another, defending "fictitious
borders,” she said.
And by the chaos that’s caused by the criminal minds who "control law and order,”
she said.
How we loved Oppenheimer for what he achieved, how Gatling was praised for
his gun,
And how governments are quick to invest in inventions with "potential for killing

That’s what she said!
That’s what she said!
That’s what she said!
Should we make some commitment to change or commit her instead?

They can see contradiction in the fact that our instincts are strong for self survival, she said,
And yet we allow that our ignorance sets us on a course suicidal, she said,
But by using the power of the people, which they say has never been so strong,
We can stop the futile attempts of the politically correct to hide the intrinsically

That’s what she said!
That’s what she said!
That’s what she said!

Should we make some commitment to change or commit her instead?

(The future needs public protection. The alternative is too frightening to mention. Don't expect some benevolent intervention)



  1. Your song and the video that goes with it are very powerful and affecting. Like you and the rocking-horse girl, I am often baffled by the turn of events and wonder why some people are putting so much energy into screwing things up. Yet there are some people out there who are wonderfully different and brave, like the man here in Durham who raced into a burning house on Holloway Street this morning to save two small children. And when asked why, he said it was "instinct." Why don't our political leaders, our wealthiest citizens, and our big corporations have that sort of instinct? I mean to save and not to harm.

  2. Carol, I believe these differences are genetic. Cultural mores can mitigate greed and the rule of law is helpful but, given the opportunity, the Fascist gene will kick in.

    Ade, that is a great song and video. You would have kicked ass as JC Superstar. I like your fire.

  3. Adrian, can you get this song and video back out to a music company? I believe we are again ready for the poet/priest songsmiths of my youth. Our young people need to hear this. My sister and wife were also knocked out by this. I will send you some readers. Dude, you can flat out sing.

  4. To Carol and Cletis:

    It is extremely interesting that a recent scientific study (published in Nature Neuroscience, no less) has identified a difference in the way brains of liberals and conservatives are constructed and how they function. Needless to say, this would have a genetic basis. Some cynical commentators on both sides of the political divide have used this to suggest that those 'on the other side' have a mental disorder. This is, of course, not supported at all by the conclusions of the scientific study - a difference is not necessarily a good or a bad thing and certainly not indicative of any 'disorder'. That being said, Cletis may be accurate in his assertion that a 'Facist gene' (of sorts) exists. In fact very many of our genes predispose us to what may be thought of as 'animalistic' behaviours. It is only the moral aspect of being human that supposedly sets us apart from other jungle dwellers. As one of my evolution professors once remarked, the jury is still out on whether intellect or moralism are particularly good adaptive traits - wolves have managed perfectly adequately without them for over 37 million years!

    And thanks to you both for the compliments on the song. Yes, if only some imaginative music company would jump in and sign me up. I'd be happy to be an aging rockstar!


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